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3600 Peter's Colony: Part 2

Alrighty, I've been convinced to redit my post and get over my stupid "Uke Syndrome". These photographs are selected from Part 2. I decided to upload the best ones here, and the more random photographs and details will be in my journal.

Yes, the pictures are really big. I for one like big pictures. Part 3 will be posted later today. Thank you~

The driveway curves up to the Right Side of the house. There isn't a garage. So if you're standing on the "driveway" (it's just gravel), facing the house, the Front Yard is on the left, the Back Yard is on the right.

Front Yard:


There was a biiig tree just past Part 3 of the house. I looked up, and there was a basketball hoop. The ground beneath my feet was all dirt and leaves. I wonder if there is concrete under there somewhere.

Apparently, this family owned a dog~


There's a gorgeous swing on this property. It's made of wood, and suspended from a big iron frame by chains. Nature is reclaming it,and I didn't dare sit on it.

Detail of the iron work

Now this is strange. Someone left a binder on the swing. I thought maybe one of the guys selling the house had left it, but it was *covered* in rust and all the pages were water stained, hard as a rock, and stuck together.

The binder was an employee manual (I found it opened to the first page), and this had to do with handling emergencies. This was for earthquakes. Texas doesn't get major earthquakes. I managed to see another page, the one for Tornado emergencies, but ants were crawling all over it, so I didn't get a picture. I'm sorry ><

The same person abandoned their coffee mug. Who just gets up and leaves a binder and a coffe mug?

The Right Side:

There was just foliage over here so I got a nice nature-free view of the wall. Unfotunately, I am stupid and forgot to snap a general picture of the Right Side, so you get two close-ups. I'm sorry again ><

A Bulbless Area Light:

I found this to be bizarre. Now, here's an outlet that is a good 10 feet off ground, close to the roof. What the hell was it for? Christmas lights?

The Shed:

The Shed was on the on the opposite side of the driveway. It's categorized more as "Back Yard" but there are already so many Back Yard pictures, I threw it into this post. It's tucked into the corner of the property. The Back Yard is to the left.
The Shed:

A quick shot of the right side:

The left side of the shed is where all the action is~ Here's a weird...upside down bench ..or something:

A general view of the debris on the left side:

In the barrel:

A scrap of something:

There is *something* behind all of the trees and underbrush. It might be a mini stable or something. I'm gonna bring someone with me next time (I didn't feel safe going back there), and I'll get more pictures~

The Roof:

The Roof, covered by stuff fallen from trees over the seasons:

Close up of the chimney and some sort of television receptor.

Alrighty^^ That's it for part 2~ I apologize for the blurriness in some of these pictures. I was so excited to have my first abandoned house to photograph, my hands were shaking. I am going to be taking photography classes in the future and one day I'll get better^^

Part 3 will up be later today. Those are the most interesting pictures. Please look forward to it~


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