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JoJo's Place

JoJo's, I'll use some fancy picture to lure you in!


Story: So I have a pretty cool job sometimes because we have to occasonally secure vacant city owned properties, and every once and a while we secure one and I have my camera with me. Fortunately, today was one of those days! The building in question is the Grand old Hotel, or Madonia's, or JoJo's place - depending on the time period. Now it just sits half gutted, half refinished and 100% vacant. At any rate we had to secure the building today and I shot some 100 pictures along the way. Most of them were pictures into dark rooms to figure out what the deuce was hiding in there as most of the building was boarded up. They're rather poor quality, and I apologize, but I hope you will enjoy never the less!

{Exterior, looking east. Shot from my car on the way home from work, please excuse the poor quality, I was doing it while driving}

{I promise the pictures get better, I must have been moving in this one. There was hardly any light on the first floor, so all my pictures came out cocked and dark, 2nd 3rd floors faired better though!}

{Perhaps we should go upstairs? Flippin punks that trashed it.}

{Thoroughly gutted hotel rooms}

{Hall way of sorts}

{See, this one came out alright, I suppose.}

{Jump up to the 3rd story. This place was absolutely full of pigeons, and yes, that is a floor covered in pigeon fecal matter}

{View out the 3rd story window, with our work yard/garage in the back}

{On top of the roof, a perfect way to end the trip.}


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