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3600 Peter's Colony: Part 3 (Trimmed Down Version)

Part 3: The Final. (hehe a Dir en Grey joke, how classy)

I got a rather sad phone call today. The owner did not want me taking photographs inside the house. Honestly, I do not understand why. The house is abandoned and mostly empty, anything worth value or privacy would have been removed by now by the owner. They're going to tear it down. It's quite heartbreaking. I found out that the house was built in 1936, and an attachment was built in 1980 in the back. It's one of the oldest houses in Flower Mound, and the thought of it being torn down just...breaks my heart. The land was either $2100 or $2500 dollars, I can't remember, but it probably includes the miniature field behind the house. I'm seriously debating if I should try to just buy the house and the yard, and not the field. Money is the problem...but I'm so completely in love with it. Someone has to preserve Flower Mound's old homes. I'm going to the Flower Mound Town Hall this week and I'm going to talk to somewhere there. Wish me luck~ If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

(I did not resize my pictures. They are big. I picked out the best ones and posted them here. If you would like to see all 37 or so pictures, please visit my journal for the Unabridged Version.)

Alright. Let's see. I split up the back of the house into several sections.

Section 1: Anything from this grassy part of the backyard, although this is the only Section 1 picture...

Section 2: Everything along that left with the wall with the door with the striped blanket on it.
Section 3: The porch, and the wall running parallel to the porch.

Section 4: Everything off to the right of the porch and the stuff behind the house over there.
[sorry no general photograph available]

Section 2:

The work bench: Apparently the person who owned this land owned horses and did their own maintenance

A negleced saddle:

Door, covered by a Navaho type blanket:

Window: This was between Section 2 and 3.

Section 3:

Up the steps:


The doorstep to the backdoor:

Grill: Back

Falling Apart:

Section 4:

I didn't get a good picture, but these pictures were taken off to the right of the porch, mostly the area I was standing in when I took "Grill: Back".
Under the Porch:

Old Blankets, either saddle blankets or dog blankets:

Animal Bone:

Way off to the side, an interrupted game of horseshoes, close up: Yes, they bought horseshoes and they owned horses...

Back Yard:

This stuff wasn't really part of the Back of the House, and wasn't really part of the Shed area...
Bird House:

On the edge of the shed area, in the back, I found this Big Ol' White thing:


Behind all of this was a field:
Luck: I need some please please?



That is the end of my 3600 Peter's Colony posting sessions. I might revisit the property and take more pictures, but I don't know if I'll post them yet. Thanks to everyone for viewing and commenting. I love you all^^

So I leave you with my favourite picture:

Toward the Sky:



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