Christopher (scream4noreason) wrote in abandonedplaces,

101 Alma Road, Melbourne, Australia

The mysterious mansion and its other buildings on the corner of Alma Road have now been fully restored and saved from the wrecker's ball and are open for business...


A year ago it looked like that, and now, the iron gate has been restored and the entrance looks like this..

The mansion


The front porch was rebuilt several times before they seemed to arrive at this...

Alma Mansions

Strangely, the window on the left of the porch is now where somebody has their kitchen sink, in what used to be the grand entrance hall, it has been divided to make one apartment larger. A strange place for a kitchen if ever I saw one. And when I saw these sheds, I thought, who the hell thought that would look good??

Alma Mansions

Already, For Rent signs have been going up, and these aren't cheap($450 for a 2 bedroom). I really do believe that in a worst case scenario, the close proximity of neighbours will mean a few noise concerns and a high turnover of tenants.

Alma Mansions for rent

Abandoned stables behind Alma Road.

It has been nice to see the stables go from the above to a quite cute small dwelling, and I think this sold for around $550,000. Kerrazy.


Alma Road abandoned mansions

before and after:


The two smaller blocks of four, built in 1915, have been lovingly restored also, and a one bedroom was over $500,000.




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