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Twilight of the Overbrook Asylum

If you're familiar with my work to any degree, you likely know of the Overbrook asylum.
(It's even on the cover of my book)...

Christina also has a fascination with the place, as is made obvious by the fact
that we have multiple videos of the location on our YouTube channel.
It's the first place we ever filmed together, and it was actually my photography work
with the asylum that ended up bringing me to the initial attention of Weird NJ magazine.
So, there's really a lot of personal history linking Christina and I to this place.

At any rate... it's a new year, and (surprise!) there's a new video of the abandoned hospital up on our channel.
Re-filming a place is interesting in its own right.
It's strange to see how much better the footage gets via improved equipment and skill,
and how much worse the place itself gets, due to vandals, nature, and time.

The following was filmed by Christina over the course of three very cold days.
You will notice black and white footage spliced throughout, this was filmed on our infrared camcorder.
I did not go with her to film the interior footage, so there are no photos with this entry.

As I already said; Overbrook is very much a re-tread for us, so I will spare the detailed history.
Suffice to say it is very long, and very grim. Over 10,000 patients died within these walls over the course of a century....

If you missed the scene with the spooooooky unexplained shadows, here it is separate and without music:
(Keep your eyes on the far end of the hallway)

Thanks for looking,

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