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Tatham Springs Hotel, Part VI

Part I   - The Exterior of the Hotel
Part II  - The Pool  & Bath Houses
Part III - The First Floor Interior, A
Part IV  - The First Floor Interior, B
Part V - The 2nd Floor Foyer, Hall, and Exterior
Part VI - The 2nd Floor Interior
Part VII - In search of the Tathum Spring

Part VI - The 2nd Floor Interior

In Part V, we looked briefly at the interior, then spent the rest of the entry looking at the exterior featrues of the 2nd floor.  In Part VI, we are going to spend all of our time in the remaining rooms of the 2nd floor.  As I've mentioned previously, only the rooms in the spine of the "E" formed by the Hotel are inter-connected, on both the first and second floors. 

Moving outward then, in both directions, from the upstairs foyer was fairly easy.  Toward the river is a series of small rooms adjoined by an open doorway.

A doorway also opens onto the porch as well as windows facing the rear.  Unlike the downstairs, some of these rooms have a good deal of their wallpaper intact.

On the corner closest to the river is a large room, much like the one downstairs.  It has windows along the arching corner wall and doorways which exit to the porch on the front and the side.

Around the corner facing the river are some of the non-adjoining room.  The manner in which the windows are broken but the glass hasn't fallen out of the frames fascinated me.  It's safe to say I became a little pre-occupied with the windows on this side of the Hotel.

I also encountered another entire wall whose paper was largely intact.

As you can see through the window, this is where the porch has collapsed.  In fact, it was the last room I was able to access on this side of the Hotel.

Moving back to the front of the Hotel and beyond the other side of the foyer we have some more things of interest.  If you recall, on this side of center there was a chimney sharing a common wall which provided for fireplaces on either side on the first floor.  The same is true on the second floor.

After my disappointment with the pennies being so new that I found on the porch, I got a little excited about what was lying in the fireplace.  Of course, I have no idea how old it really is, but I can't help but wonder if it was left behind 40-50 years ago by some little girl who attended the camp.  Maybe it was on a shelf or under a mattress and as things were removed from the premises after it was closed it got kicked around and trod upon, but never left the building.

The other wing of the Hotel, however, presents a problem.  This is the side where the porch is completely missing. 

As you can see, it just completely vanishes here.  As you can also see, it's not too bad of a hop over to the corner room.  Even though I feared this would likely be the last room I would be able to eplore, I figured I could at least see it.  So I carefully made my way over and into the room.

It was much like the other corner room, witih windows in the bending wall with doors which once led onto porches.

Which made for an interesting point of view from the doorways!

In Part II, I told of my conversation with Todd where he made mention of being stumped as to how someone had left a Bud Light can resting in one of the upstairs windows on this side of the Hotel, since the porch is gone.  In Part III, we indeed could see the can in the window from the outside.  Standing here in the corner room, it became instantly apparent how this was achieved.

Someone had kicked and torn their way through the wall!  And yes, they did so through each consecutive room.

On the one hand, how awful!  On the other hand, how great for me!  I started slithering through the holes in the walls, one room at a time.

Two rooms deep I encountered the beer can in the window.

What was most interesting about these rooms was that most of the windows were intact.  At some point it looks as if they had been painted like checker-board, with alternating panes clear or opaque.

And since little things amuse me to no end, I was ecstatic to find a room that still had a number on the door.

Most of the rooms were identical, with the door on the left, the window on the right, and a shelf just by the window.

The last photo was taken in the room on the very end of the wing.  You may notice another beer can just beneath the window.  Apparently, the previous visitor(s) spent a little time here after smashing through the walls and polished off the rest of their booze.

Each room also had a window on the rear of the room facing the courtyard below.  Incidentally, the following photo is probably my favorite of all of these photos I've been sharing with you for the past week.  I didn't tweak the color, or lighting or anything.  It was just perfect the way it was.

In this last room, the view from the rear window provided you a glimpse of the pool.... well as the chimney which serves the middle branch containing the kitchen and ball room.

I turned around and made my way back through the holes....

...and decided to go in search of something Todd had told me about earlier -  the location of the old mineral spring which had been the reason for the Hotel having been built in 1875.  I will take you on the journey with me in the the final installment, Part VII.

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