pyoor_excuse (pyoor_excuse) wrote in abandonedplaces,


Disk Brake in Undergrowth

I'm not quite sure if this counts as abandoned.

A lot of the scrapyards (breakers / junk yards) near me have had to close (environmental legistlation regarding oil pollution... (mutters darkly about politics)) but this isn't actually one of them. This is one that appears to have grown as a result of the others closing, but it means that running near the back of the yard is the pile-of-dead-car parts that used to signify the end of the scrapyard.

This probably 5 foot high bank of junk has slowly gathered the dirt and muck from the rest of the yard as new cars have been piled precariously on top. And the bank itself is being taken over by vegitation. I took a couple of shots (I only took my digi-cam to take some video of me getting the parts for my car) of the bank, but this one's came out the best....unfortunately shrinking it's taken away a lot of the detail that made it a shockingly good photo (for my 70 quid video/digicam)...

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