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Abandoned Places – Florence to Madison, AL (Summer 2010) Site 7

Rolling into Madison at the end of our wander, Chris and I choose to explore a site that my wife had pointed out to me the prior winter. The building appears to have been a home converted in a garden shop or a daycare. I lean towards garden shop. The business closed up when another business was built between it and the main road, cutting off access to customers. Had it not been for a Sunday and the newer business being closed, I’m sure that we would likely have attracted attention.

It seems appropriate if it was a garden shop as nature is working hard to wrap it in greenry

Above the porch of ivy was a drooping fan

Free parking, but you can’t get to this lot

Can’t get in from this side either.. At one time, there was a driveway that led to a garage behind the building..

As I shot this, something large and raccoon-like scurried across the rafters

Rather than disturb the animals further, we wandered back up to the main building

They had a really nice patio and grill once upon a time

This tank was laying in the grass nearby

Just inside the door, was a short (toddler level) faucet and sink, hence believing it might have been a day-care at one time

Looking inside

Walking away

This concludes this particular adventure. Since this wander, we’ve explored an 1860’s era clap-board shack, a historic school, a large commercial nursery and during my summer trip to Colorado Springs, an abandoned ranch.
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