adjer83 (adjer83) wrote in abandonedplaces,

The Depot- Vandalia Illinois

This building was an old train depot...then it became a restaurant/bar called, The Depot. Clever name.

A few years ago it burned down, which was a pretty big loss for the community because it was one of our only nice restaurants.

Then a local family decided to rebuild and reopen it and call it, The Depot. We continue to be very clever in this town.

It was open for about 6 months and then it burnt down again...a few months ago.

So here we are in what is left of The Depot.

They had steaks...and a lounge!


Looking into what was the dining room

The entrance area

Glass, ash, fire biproducts!


Bench has seen better days..

Cracks in the glass

This one picture remained on the wall...

the little bit of the floor that was left...

Shes a brick
Dining nook

That green door has survived 2 fires

This part was the bar area

Juke box was on the other side of the brick pillar thing

Black Mirror

This was the enterence to the bar

Burnt wood

Employees Only

Some metal

Bar side

The door to the basement...
Basement shot

That light switch is serious about flu prevention.

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