adjer83 (adjer83) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Bud and Hazel's Green House-Vandalia, IL

Bud and Hazel's Greenhouse was a staple in Vandalia for many years, it like a lot of things in this town was destroyed by fire.

I remember going there a few times when I was a little kid, and I also remember watching some movie about Vandalia back in the day and they had a pet alligator there...because that's a great pet.

But..anyway, here's whats left....

A little house type thing, not sure if they owners lived in it, or it was used as an office...

I wanted to venture in...but that white drawer looking thing is actually home to a lot of bees...making honey or something. So, I decided to not mess with the bees.

You can see at the top where the house had burned..

Not 100% sure what this was..I do remember it being part of the greenhouse, there were a lot of thorns and stuff around it, so much like the bees, I was a wuss and opted out.

Back of the house/office with the tower thing in the background. I'm awesome with captions.

A little ways down a dirt path there was this barn

There was a lot of crap in this barn

One tire short..

Truck Bed -o- Stuff

Just a chain..hanging from the ceiling..

Drawer/locker things

81 and rusty



Part of the barn was falling down

A lamp thing

There were a lot of chains

Ahoy, a boat!

I told you the barn was full of stuff

Another boat, I thought about exploring it, but...something about a boat in the middle of nothing was sort of creepy..maybe another time...

This made me giggle, I guess to some people the Baptist Crusades in America need to come to an end.

And for all you semi fans...its a Peterbilt sign..

This knob would not budge

Well, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Bud and Hazels..sorry there was no produce or fruit to offer you.

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