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Station Zero

This old train station is a place I filmed once before, roughly a year ago now.
I featured the location in my book, mainly due to the oddity of it...
Turns out that the town has finally realized how strange it is to keep abandoned railway cars around,
and has decided to do away with them in the immediate future.
They are already being stripped down in preparation for their removal,
but before they make their final departure from the station, we wanted to re-visit them one last time.
Our main reason for the return visit was to re-film the video, which was one of our poorer films.

Excerpt from the book:
"An entry from a Morristown newspaper, August 29th, 1867:
"The branch road from Denville to Boonton, four and three quarter
miles long, and as crooked as a ram's horn, is now in running order."

"Today, the station is a forgotten relic,replaced by a modern facility not far down the tracks.
The silence of the place is broken only by the occasional passing of a train on the still-active tracks.
Defunct train cars litter the yard; Why they have come here to die is not obvious. Perhaps they were simply stored in a convenient place,
or someone thought their placement would serve to keep the place from becoming an eyesore.
Whatever the reason, the station now has a surreal, and unpleasant quality to it"...

Book is available in stores, and online here: Forsaken

The following was filmed by Christina
(except the bits with the black and white vintage footage):

Thanks for looking everyone,

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