Bisous (cece00) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Very strange looking building

I found this about 20 minutes from my home recently.

Googling the address says that it was once a floral/plant design & maintenance shop. I didnt go in it, and am going to try to call the # and see if I can get permission to go surely looks abandoned, although I did see a handful of plants in the back of the greenhouse attachment.

So, to be continued? But for now, a few shots.

***ETA- I finally called the # a few minutes ago, and a really nice gentleman picked up. He told me he was fine with me going in to take pictures (cue me wanting to shriek "YAY!") but just to be really careful if "I went upstairs and on the catwalk" (cue me wanting to shriek "A CAT WALK?? YAY!!!!!!!!!") and to knock on the red house next door and tell the lady there that he had OK'ed me going up in there for pictures.

I am SO EXCITED. I have stuff to do today, but I am fighting every urge I have to push off the errands I need to run and go take pictures. I really cant put today's errands on hold, but I am HOPING tomorrow will be good for me to go out there, I should have enough time. How will I ever make it through work without being super impatient? ha!

Lets keep our fingers crossed that its as awesome inside as I am hoping its going to be.

Like I said- to be continued soon, for sure this time!***

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