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Where Metal Goes to Rust

I first saw this house in the woods a few days before the end of my senior year of high school.

One of my friend took a group of us out into the woods behind his house to see it, we all tried and figured out why it was just left there....

This house has stuck in my mind ever since and 9 years later, I have decided to return to this is obviously a lot rougher these days and seems to be a cemetery of all things metal...

I hope you enjoy..

I started my trek walking into the woods....the thorns were out with a vengeance, but I out smarted them with my long sleeve shirt..mwhaha.

There were lots of vines and things...

The closer I got to the house the more metal objects were found...

Someone was throwing back some whiskey

The house is pretty tall...


No idea what this is or why it needs to be cleaned out...

Missing some siding

the porch was stacked with doors, old metal desks, and other pieces of metal


Peeling Paint

Paw Prints

Purex...must be very old because it comes in plastic bottles now..

Metal Door thing

I think they need a new fridge..


More vines

A shed

light fixtures

I really liked the different colors on this shed


Another building behind the idea what happened to it, but the walls are pretty non existant

More old desks piled in the back building

rusty shelves

This is actually one of the walls that fell down

Turning my attention back to the house...

Heading in...

A little bit of sun in a gloomy house

Cobwebs...lots and lots of cobwebs

Good to the Last Drop

There were a lot of shovels in the house

A collection of doors

Awesome door knobs

This is what all the walls looked like...the house was pretty much gutted

More doors

Another shovel...

The door to upstairs

The upstairs was much like the downstairs

leaning chimney

looking through


back outside with more rusty metal

a collection of stoves and refrigerators

bike wheel

This tractor has seen better days..

After this i wandered back into the woods to avoid the thorns...
Tags: south central illinois
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