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Ruins of train station and Station Master's house

I've been following this community for a while and I've always wanted to add something. Unfortunately there are no abandoned buildings in my area, but there are some ruins. I recently got a new camera, so I decided "what the hell" and went and took some pictures.
I'll admit that I'm no amazing photographer, but I'd like to think I got the whole rule of thirds thing done okay and kept a steady hand (so please be nice).
Now that all that crap is out of the way, lets get into the story of this area;

The Parkerville Train Station was in Parkerville, Western Australia. Its served as part of a railway line that spanned from Guildford to Chidlow that was built at the beginning of time (late 1800's I think). The train line got shut down in 1966 with the automobile being a more cheaper transportation method (this area is only about a 40 minute drive from WA's main city, Perth).
These days the site of the actual train line acts as a bridal trial, which is used by walkers, bikers and rich people on horses.  All along it are the remains of what use to be the train stations, this just happened to be in walking distance for me :P

First off, the Station Master's house. I know this is what it is because when I was a wee youngen a local historian took me and my primary school class around the area and told us stuff (its in walking distance of the primary school I went to).
(Big Photos Follow)


And what a lovely house it would of been!

A view from the other side.

What looks like was the fire place. It actually seems as though someone has bricked in the top.

Another angle.

Remains of what probably was the outhouse.

I think this is asbestos. Awesome! Next stop, Wittenoom.

This is the backside of the actual train station. The front raised half (which would of faced the train tracks) is long gone.

More backside but wooden supports instead.

Where the rock wall and the wood meet. There is also a hand rail.

A bigger part of the back rock wall.

On top of what once was the back part of the platform. You can see some concrete flooring as well.

This is also the remains of a house that is next to where the train station was. The difference is this house was still standing in the last 15 years or so. I can't remember exactly when it was demolished though.


The once inviting front gate is now all alone, with no house to be buddies with anymore.

This was a random platform I saw out in the bush near where the train station and old house was. Who knows what is was used from, maybe a garden shed?

Some random junk laying in the bush.

Old fence. This would of been pretty much been spot on where the front part of the train station was.

A huge concrete thing. Its hard to tell in the photo, but its about 5 feet tall. Its also hard to see, but the bridal trail is in the background.

Some rocks that would have been right under the original tracks. You can also see some concrete remains in the background.

A closer look at the concrete remains. It was probably a signal box or something similar.
Also my shoe makes a guest appearance.

And a concrete support of some kind.

Thanks for viewing!
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Thanks :)

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