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Cairo, Illinois Part II

Welcome back to Cairo, your step..

Another shell of a business...

Lots and lots of holes...

What a great view...

This space comes with exposed brick and an old bottle of mustard

Who needs a door?

I was going to take more pictures in this area but I ran into a group of guys having their mid afternoon beers

So, I took one more pic and left

These buildings were some of my favorite from this trip

Beer,Wine,and Liquor

A look down the street

Bass Sales

Of course...this trip wouldn't have been complete without some graffiti..

Door on the floor

A work bench of some sort

Inventory from long ago

Inventory sheets, receipts, and business stuff...

Guessing this was some sort of a hardware store..

Volume 2 of the ever so exciting 1988 zip code directory, soon to be a major motion picture

1986 Version of Screws thru Steel



Check from 1977

More shelving

The sun was really cooperating with the pictures today, good work sun!

I loved these windwos

Nature will always win

Two different skylights..

Yah...that toilet is pretty disgusting...

Good advice...

Not responsible

giant wooden spool

You can take the green door but you can't take the ruin

Pheingold, drink it.

Don't be jealous of my sweet Toyota...


The holes in the wall reminded me of a lot less creepier Candy Man

Men, go that way

Hovering above 60


A lost Illini shirt

caught some rays..hah....see what I did there?

The building on the end..

Graffiti angel..?

Kilroy Drugs

Green chair..

Rusty Stoker


There were a lot of old what seemed to be restaurant booths in the back of this building

Outside of building, made me feel like I was watching Band of Brothers...

Thats it for this trip...I have another installment to come. Once again, I hope you've enjoyed wandering Cairo.
Tags: abandoned town, southern illinois
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