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Cairo, Illinois Pt. III

This is the last of my Cairo adventure....first stop, The Gem Theater...

From what I have found out on the internet, The Gem was opened in 1910, but a fire destroyed the building in 1934, in 1936 it was reopened and was in operation until sometime in the 1970s.

When my friends and I were looking around we saw a few signs about revitalizing the theater...but who knows if that will happen when the entire town is in such disarray.

The doors are chained shut

Elks Club across the street from The Gem

Just another run down building

An old business...

It amazes me what trees can do..

Going in the back of the Michelson Building

Some sort of motor?

Display cases, perhaps some sort of jewelry store?

Or collectibles of some sort?

This tree doesn't mess around

Rhodes Burford, its a furniture store!

Wow, those show windows sure are clean! Oh, wait..actually...there are no windows...

Must be making room for this years models...

It amazed me that Cairo once had its own neon company

I wanted to venture in but a cop started driving by, Its probably not hard to know when someone who isn't from Cairo is in Cairo.

Since the cop kepts circling us, we went off the beaten path of the downtown area. I wanted to get some get some pictures of some of the homes and I found this church, or what is left of it.

I really really wanted to go in but the floors were very sketchy and I did not feel like a trip to the ER.

The pews were too uncomfortable I guess...

I so so so wanted a good view of the piano and my curiosity was about to get the best of me....

I noticed there was a backdoor and I had an overwhelming urge to get better shots of the I told my friends I was going to go around back, they opted to stay in the car...

The access to the main backdoor was gone, but...ah ha, a basement door...I looked back at the car and told myself I wouldn't linger long, I just wanted a shot of the piano...

I stepped in and started taking pictures and saw these sweet chairs. As my flash kept going off, and I started hearing a low was a bit unnerving, but I kept going...

as I approached these doors I kept hearing the low noise...and this is as far as I got with picture taking...I entered the doors and found the source of the was a very angry pitt bull...I didn't stay long enough to see if I accidentally stumbled upon someones "home"  or if the dog decided to make it its home....either way, I decided the piano wasn't worth it.

After this I was very unnerved and as I went back to my car I noticed a very large man in the doorway of a house across the street. He had a look of hatred on his face..I got in the car, told my friends and drove away, as we drove away, the man ran out and flipped us off....

Even though there was SOOOOOO much more to explore, we believed that we had wore our welcome out in Cairo, and we headed back north.

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Cairo, it was a place that I know I will not soon forget.
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