JJ_MacCrimmon (jj_maccrimmon) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Storms and aftermath

Alrighty folks, we're still alive.

That being said I know some folks will be relieved. Wednesday night saw the worst tornado outbreak in the US since 1974 (which I also was affected by living in the Louisville, Ky area at the time). After losing power and learning that we would not likely see it fixed until Sunday at the ealiest, Tammy and I packed up all the kids into her car (mine was out of gas) and we evacuated to one of her relative's house south of Birmingham. On the drive down we saw scenes of remarkable destruction.

I'm typing this on my wife's netbook in a Books A Million because this was the first place we could get wireless web. While this is the most of our concerns, there are families who have lost everything (including their lives) to the 133 reported tornados that ripped apart north and central Alabama alone. Fuel is unavailable in many areas, drinkable water is running low there and electrical service is limited. Be thankful for what and whom you have. If you can afford to please donate your time, money and resources to the American Red Cross or other legit drives/charities sending support here.

For now, I'm going to mainly be off-line except to answer important messages and check on friends in the region. If you NEED to get ahold of me, use my e-mail (jjmaccrimmon@gmail.com). For now, all scheduled web & photo activity is on indefinite hold. Good luck, be safe and help where you can.

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