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Old Stone House Calhoun Co. Illinois

Out in Calhoun County Illinois there are various houses made of stone. I had posted another one of these houses that was more intact.

This house though seems to have some sort of sinister history about it though...

As the story would go, the walls drip with blood.

according to the website its says....

The Sweetin Home

Walkerville Township, Greene County

Otherwise known as “the old stone house,” the remnants of this manor were, at one time, part of a mansion built in 1848 by a stockman named Azariah Sweetin. Though nothing but a shell today, a grand ballroom once occupied the third floor, a ballroom that was the scene of murder. During a farewell gala for newly enlisted Union soldiers, two farmhands, Henson and Isham, got into an argument that ended with one thrusting a knife into the back of the other. The wounded man fell down by the fireplace and bled to death. According to legend, his blood seeped into the stone floor and formed an outline of his body. The stain could never be removed.

As the war raged, Azariah Sweetin didn’t want to take any chances, so he stuffed all his gold coins into jars and buried them around his property. Unfortunately, an equestrian accident in 1871 rendered him without any memory of where he had buried his money. After his death, his ranch was purchased by Cyrus Hartwell, who also lived there until he died. Treasure seekers soon tore the mansion apart, but no one has ever found Azariah’s gold. Storytellers say Azariah’s ghost—alongside snakes—now guards his lost loot.

One story says some local Indian Tribe murdered the inhabitants of the house and that is why the walls bleed...

another story is there was a love triangle that went tragically wrong and 2 people were murdered...

There is also rumor of a vast treasure buried somewhere on the land..

There is also a natural spring behind the house, the water is extremely clear

I am not all that sure on the legends, but one thing I do know is it would have taken forever for this house to be built...

Another shot of the spring

So who knows...maybe the treasure is still there....
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