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Old Farm House in Central Illinois

I started a new job where I teach inmates in a correctional center. Because of this I had to go up to Springfield, IL for a week long training about various things that happen or could happen in a prison. Friday's class got done early so I decided to drive around some of the rural areas on my way home.

This first place I found is an old farm house in between Waggoner and Nilwood Illinois, I hope you enjoy...

Barn that was right by the house

The weeds/bushes/various flora was out of control

Back of the house

Out buildings

Lets go in...

This bathroom had seen better days..

The kitchen

I've always enjoyed checkered floors in kitchens

A look down into the basement, I wasn't even going to mess with going down there...

Hang up your coat on a rusty nail

This room was off the kitchen, it has a door that goes outside, I'm not really sure what the purpose of this room was

Back stair case

Harry Potter's residence

part of a front room with some sweet shag carpet

Someone forgot their rabbit

Someone must have been a fan of purple..

Missing fireplace

A look to the fields

The main stair case

More shag and another missing fireplace


Going up the back stair case

Red Rails

That door went to outside, where you could fall from the 2nd story since there was no balcony or anything..

Broken glass

Looks like the remnants of an old tree house

A look up the main stair case

I started going up the stairs, but I got a really uneasy feeling so I stopped here and took a picture, I couldn't get myself to climb one more step....

There was a room to the left, and a few rooms to the right that you couldn't access from the back stairway, I was curious, but that dreadful feeling wouldn't go away..

So I thought it was best to head back down the stairs

Then I bid farewell to the old farmhouse.

I have 2 other places I explored while roaming around that I will post later. I hope you enjoyed.


Tags: abandoned, central illinois, farm house

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