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Nilwood School- Nilwood, Illinois

After I left the farm house I kept traveling until I entered the small town of Nilwood, Illinois. This town is right along Route 66 and has most defiantly seen better days. I tried to do some research on the school but found nothing. All I know is that it was built in 1927 and as time went on, people had less kids and the hey days of Route 66 passed Nilwood by and left the school to stand and deteriorate.

Without further ado, welcome to Nilwood, population 273.

The school and some farm machinery

An attempt to board up the windows..

No Trespassing...and you will see why...

To the left was an addition put on the school, not sure what year though.

I feel like they could have gone with a bigger chain..

Back of the school..

There were big bails of hay in front of the back doors, I'm guessing it was to try and keep people out...

Nature is taking a stand..

I wonder how many kids sat and starred out these windows while "learning".

Hark! An open door!

Sadly, the door led to a drop down. I am known for my very weak ankles and due to being alone on this trek, I decided to not chance it, so I just took a picture looking into the basement...

Then I made my way past the hay and took a step into the open door....and now I understand very well the no trespassing signs. It appears as though the school had suffered some sort of fire damage....nothing looked stable or safe...

A look down at the stairs coming up from the basement, yes somewhere under all that are some stairs..

Hallway with a staircase

Some rusty fence to deter people from going past...I heeded the warning.

A look between old wood

What should be part of the second floor..

I decided to remain in one piece for the day so I left the school and headed out of Nilwood on Route 66.

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