adjer83 (adjer83) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Girard, Illinois

As I left from Nilwood I drove towards the town of Girard to find the interstate and get home. On the outskirts of Girard was this house.

I love this house.

Out of all the houses I've photographed, this is the one I would love to drop a bunch of money in and redo it, its just a great house.

I think this windmill is missing some parts..


The back porch

I found this news paper in the bushes by the outbuilding, I wonder what was happening on November 2, 1978

Whats left of these curtains were a little creepy when it was blowing in the wind...

Door has seen better days

Obligatory peeling paint picture

I went inside and saw the staircase....and I loved it.

The house was full of issues of the New York Times, sort of odd in Central Illinois...this is from April 6, 1980

Left behind clothes

I don't know or want to know whats in that jar...

I feel like that is a huge light bulb..

Stuff...and things


This house had a lot of nice built ins

Eeeee! Pocket Doors!!!!!

I always get confused when its time to breed my cows

The front room...I loved it.

Thats a pretty snazzy chair

More left behind clothes, I'm going to go out on a limb and say an elderly woman was one of the last inhabitants of this house...

A look to a field

I love love love this staircase...

Going up the stairs..

A room full of crap

Straight from Alaska plus a few decades..

Well, its a room and thats a bed, so its a bedroom

a look down the stairs

The City Boy, I wonder if it was a good read

another room full of stuff

A shoe without its mate

November 1960

It looks like cacti were a problem society was facing...

Grain Elevator Recipt

Look, its a tree..

The copy write on this was 1921

This made me sad....:(

I just pointed my camera up the attic stairs but did not venture up

Looks like some sort of Constitutional book

What is left of an old barn

Leaving the old house....I bet it was a wonderful place back in its day.


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