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Abandoned Hotel in Devon, England

This hotel is in my town in Devon. I love the architecture on it, its such a shame no one wants it. Sadly I couldn't get into it but the outside photos are nice. its been abandoned for a few years now. The town is a seaside town but its popularity with tourists is waning. There are lots of hotels in the town but because less people are coming here each year, the hotels are closing because they aren't making enough money to stay open. Once they close, they are usually left like this one and often set fire to, to claim for insurance. There is a lot of arson in this town. Sometimes when they have been burned down, nothing is built in their place. An old arcade burned down years ago and instead of enlarging the park into the space or building something new there, the council merely put up a wooden fence to hide the empty space. I grew up in this town but it is dying now. The hightstreet is full of either shops that come, find the rent is too high and leave or charity shops.
Sometimes the hotels and larger buildings are knocked down and when places buy them, they don't renovate, but knock the buildings down and build new ones. A perfect example of this is a hotel up my street that was a landmark, with red bricks, a ballroom, indoor swimming pool and great views. A company bought it and instead of renovating it, they knocked it down, started building retirement flats and then ran out of money, abandoned it for a year before they could restart it again and three years later it still hasn't been finished. They are working on it now. The town wanted a good leisure center. Instead they put retirement flats at the top of a hill (the town is full of hills) which is sad for the old folks having to carry their shopping up the hill from the town.

Anyway this is the first of two hotels I photographed a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember the name of this one. All I know is the building is old and beautiful, with unusual windows and really needs to be bought and used again before it becomes damaged or set on fire.

Here is the first picture. I took this across the road to get the whole building in.

If you look closely through the window, you can see the ceiling inside with peeling paint and parts coming away. This fascinates me.

I love this little balcony.

There are signs for builders but no one bothers to come here.

Finally the side of the hotel. Look how far back it goes! Its massive!

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