Chunkette of Funk (okoshun) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Chunkette of Funk

10:30pm PST, Location: SFO, Gate 64, awaiting boarding of the plane

Wooh! The plane is at the gate and there is no delay indicated on the boards. Even better - apparently there is no one scheduled to sit in the two seats next to me. :)

The peopleI was working with seem happy with what they got out of me being there for the 5 days. I still have a bit of documentation to put together, but I'm feeling to wiped out to think straight at the moment.

After work, the three of us went out for beer and hung around and talked. I liked these two Oracle DBAs. It's a rare thing - they're usually a really annoying breed. One of the guys I was working with was very anal about things (typical), but the other one was a bit more of a cowboy in that he was much more flippant and less political (which drove anal guy *insane*). His focus was more on enhancing performance of the Oracle system.

I like working with technical people. :) Geeks are hot.

I'm already looking forward to getting home and sleeping a bit in my own bed. It'll be so very nice. I wish I could take the entire day off, but if I did, the training room wouldn't be ready in time for training on Wednesday, which would be a bad thing.

At some point I should also do some laundry too so that I have something to wear for training tomorrow.

At the moment I'm trying to decide whether it's worth $6US for 60 minutes of 'net usage. It's so tempting, but it's such a waste of money. *My* money because I'd never be able to get the expense approved.

Yeah..I can wait. I can survive being 'netless for a few more hours.

I'm craving chocolate like you wouldn't believe. I don't need any, though. Between the beer, nachos and unhealthy dinner choice at the Hard Rock Cafe, I really don't need any more unhealthy food entering my stomach.

I must save up the cravings for a b it of Starbucks in the Chicago airport. A soy chai latte and loaf of some kind, here I come. :)
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