Andy (notgruntled) wrote in abandonedplaces,

US Highway 17

On a trip to Jekyll Island last week, I did some driving around on US Highway 17, the road that became obsolete when I-95 opened, in south Georgia. I found a few abandoned roadside sites.

This old Art Deco Ford dealership was on the main drag in downtown Darien, with functioning businesses all around.

This fire engine has markings from Richmond Hill, Ga. and a 100-foot ladder. I don't think Richmond Hill has any 100-foot buildings.

Tabby is a form of concrete used in coastal areas, with oyster shells as aggregate. Here, it's applied (and falling off) as a decorative layer.

Georgia Girl drive-in, Woodbine, Ga.

US17, Yulee, Fla. I drove across the state line specifically to shoot this souvenir stand, which I first saw seven or eight years ago. The exterior hasn't changed much, but the glass door has been broken out and the interior trashed.


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