adjer83 (adjer83) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Montgomery County Illinois Farm House

I took advantage of the nice day yesterday and went driving around looking for some abandoned places. I came across this farm house around the Coffeen area. As I approached it, I realized there would be no inside exploration because the floors had completely collapsed and as I do love exploring, I do not love broken bones. So anyway, Hope you enjoy...

You can see the blue sky through the windows and where the roof used to be..

Vines taking over one side of the house

Interesting how the storm door is still hanging straight but the house is crooked...

A look into an open window

Drinking some Mogen David blueberry wine, don't worry..its kosher!
pump up the jams...and the water..

As you can see the house is not resting on the ground, but I guess that's one way to enter your basement...

Another look into a window and what appears to be the kitchen

various furniture and what appears to be a pink refrigerator!

A look into the caved in basement

There's a ladder but there is really no place to go once you go up it

Inside view of collapsed floor

Blue sky between the cracks

When you look in the front door you are greeted by some stairs that look pretty intact for the condition of the rest of the house

One more look back.

Hope you enjoyed this old farm house. Thanks for looking :)

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