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Old Louisa Home

This is an old stone house that I've passed several times a year when I would head to West Virgina to visit family. It's right of US 23 on the way to Louisa Kentucky. I've wanted to stop and take pictures of this house, but would always forget my camera. But this time I got photos.

Anyways, the whole property, field, barn, home used to overrun with brush, trees, grown up with weeds and vines, until a couple years ago....The people who owned the property cleared it out. The only story that I have on it.. is about 50 years ago, my Aunt's car broke down and she had walked to this house to get help. She said there were two older women that lived there. They had beautiful antique furniture and all. Anyways.... to the photos....

EDIT: I found a 2009 news article that gives a history about the place, its known as the Garred-Burgess House...
And a little website that talks about its history

This wall cracked me up....I haven't heard the name Punky Brewster since I was a kid.

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