n_mond (n_mond) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Odessa meat processing and packing factory (abandoned)

Оригинал взят у n_mond Odessa meat processing and packing factory (abandoned)

Sorry for bad English. Electronic transfer :)


Place of magic, but a lot of dogs.

Pipes, peeling walls, garbage - well, as always.

Is written on the label - MAIL. And there it really is.

The inscription - "The direction of movement." As in a museum or on display :)

on the tube - 1955 year

Penetrate - miracles start )

Someone fascinated by frost on the windows. Me - scraps of paint on the walls.

Everywhere heaps of cans

almost Tarkovsky...

Title - The separator with particulate emissions

Tittle - Odessa Meat Blood clarified dry food!

Опять "ведьмин студень" )

Tittle - Odessa Meat
"Epithelium from the languages ​​of cattle"

"Subproduktovy and intestinal department" - scary! :)

"The pituitary gland - the anterior lobe"

"Pig's conveyer"

Red Corner ... There was Lenin)

Cat on the roof...
nexpected journey. This place is very atmospheric. I recommend ... for those, who understand;)


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