Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Gary Gardner


This is the old Roy's Motel and Cafe in Amboy, California -- along one of the original stretches of old US 66.  It sits in the middle of a high desert valley, along the BNSF Railway Transcon mainline.   The only thing still here is a post office to serve the valley ranches, and the remains of Roy's and an old school.  Interstate 40 is about 20 miles to the North and the only people who go past Roy's now are people taking a short-cut to Twenty-Nine Palms or Palm Springs from Las Vegas, or "Roadie's" such as myself who travel the old Highway looking for the ghosts of the past along this 3000 mile linear ghost town. 

I can just imagine this place -- visible for miles across the vast desert with its huge bright neon sign lighting the night and beckoning the westbound traveler to stay and rest before the final push into Los Angeles. 


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