Eline (elektrocute) wrote in abandonedplaces,

La Chartreuse, abandoned fort in Belgium

This fort was built in 1817 by the Dutch. It's main goal was to protect the city of Liege. The fort was claimed again by the Belgians during the Belgian revolution in 1830 and was used as barracks. When Germany invaded Belgium during WWI in 1914, Chartreuse was used as a prison for hundreds of Belgians from the resistance. 49 people were executed and buried on the site. A memorial stands at the main gate in their honor. After the war, in 1919, it was again used as barracks and held over 2000 men. During WWII it was taken by the Germans again and served as barracks for the German army. From 1945 it operated as a US Army Hospital for ten years during the Ardennes offensive. It was abandoned in 1982 and is now used by homeless and even a few dead bodies were found on site. An amazing structure with a lot of history.

Tags: belgium, fort, la chartreuse
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