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Abandoned school near Moscow

Greetings) Today I post a blog with an interesting abandoned school. The school is a classic of abandoned places. As well as hospital. But personally, I like more to visit the abandoned school than the hospital.

Once with a friend, we decided to go to a town near Moscow. Walking along the streets, we noticed a small building is obviously of some institutions. See, all the doors are locked, the window dusty. Everything is clear - the potential deserted place. Already ten minutes later, due to the mistake of a local security of the building and not using any special effort, get inside. Of course, this school does not compare with many of the previous schools. But still interesting to walk inside, not every day such finding. The first thing see the class with old desks, on some written "message" from the recent past, when the school is still functioning. Walked on down the hall, go to the class of physics. Many old instruments, models, rulers, dynamometers, the school Board, as always. Go ahead, here and study Russian. Here more than empty, only a couple of announcements elective classes remind us of the study. Soon we find the pantry Cabinet of physics, a few posters on the space theme and the variety of instruments for training. Go to the stairs. The building is old, wooden stairs creaked under their feet. On the second floor - rooms with scattered test-books, study chemistry and interesting room with chemicals, reagents and utensils. Also stands for methodological education, dark room with a library and class with the posters and slogans. In General, the feelings are very controversial - as interesting to walk along the lonely classes, so sad, that this building already nobody wants.

1. So, let's begin.

2. Study of physics is filled with many different devices, models, manuals and other things typical of the cabinet of physics.

3. Magnets! The classic, from children's books)

4. The dream of almost every child in a child - collection of minerals. I'd always wanted to get it and liked to collect different found stones.

5. Different devices, gears, our reflection.

6. In the study of physics

7. Methodical area in the school


9. the second floor of the climb up the old wooden staircase

10. In the rooms there are different books.

11. Go to the pantry cabinet of chemistry. Forbidden for all students of the place. Above the entrance is located poster with different definitions, you need to know by heart. "Remember this!"

12. Everywhere are chemical reagents, special glass.

13. On the table we find a record book - there was not an ordinary school with diplomas and journals. Performance is not the most brilliant.

14. And this cabinets with porcelain tableware. Quite a lot and in good condition.

15. In the next room find Globus - probably, it came from the Cabinet of geography. Globus curious what made before shooting back half of the moon, in its place a blank surface without the signatures.

16. And such cards on the unplanned control works, we all very afraid. Mainly, of course it was easy, but sometimes there were unrealistic tasks)

17. Ruler, crayons, the weights.

18. Meet and Soviet slogans. Where do without them? In a dark room with a library were still a few. "Each young worker - secondary education"

19. Model, showing the structure of a molecule of DNA.

20. In the study of chemistry in addition to the periodic table of elements specially nothing.

21. A bottle of xylene, cups for weighing and another glass.


23. Pantry with slide shows and stands devoted to the cosmonautics.

School size is not very big, but the condition of the room is quite good.

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