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More Alaskan Abandonment - Portage

Last week while visiting friends (and teaching rapier seminars) in the Anchorage area, my friend and host took me to her favorite place in southern Alaska - Portage Glacier. On the way to and from the glacier are remains and hints of Alaska’s recent past. One of those echoes is the remains of the town of Portage, AK, which was heavily damaged and flooded following the Good Friday earthquake of 1964.

The earthquake caused the entire village to sink six feet. Being located about 2 miles from the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet, the sinking of the village allowed severe flooding at high tides and huge amounts silt to be driven in by both Portage Creek and the ocean. According to the National Park Service site, the state and federal government bought out the residents and condemned the entire village. Forty years later, the silt has built up around the few remaining buildings that withstood the floods and tides.

NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) maintains some interesting pictures of the flooding and earthquake damage. http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/seg/hazard/slideset/7/7_slides.shtml

These are pictures of a farmstead located within 50 yards of the main road leading to and from the Portage Glacier guest center. The first few show a barn / garage that’s given into the elements on one side but stubbornly clings on.

Across a large briar of shrubs and think undergrowth lay another structure. A little scouting would allow be to approach the building. Note: there is a lot of wildlife in this area, including moose and bear. Considering this, I was making a fair amount of noise to avoid being stomped or mauled.

A lonely decaying farmhouse.

Here’s a single picture from inside the farmhouse.

More pictures of the farmhouse interior are in the process of development.

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