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Urban exploration in Ukraine

Hello people! This is my best photos foro Ukrainian undergroud, rooftops, abandoned places and other interesting objects for last year. Especially for those who are interested I am put linksIn the same photo series in the captions.

1. Underground reservoirs in Kiev, more photos of this place can be seen here.

2. Mine locomotive in a tunnel under construction sewerage collector. More photos of this place can be seen here.

3. Banquet Hall on the roof of an abandoned hotel in Kiev, a few more photos can be viewed here.

4. The moon illuminates the sculpture on the roof of the Odessa Opera House, still photos of this unique roof here.

5. Old arches supporting the factory shop in Kiev.

6. Behind the glass in the unfinished high-rise building.

7. Abandoned elevator built in the early 19th century in one of the abandoned houses in Kiev.

8. The staircase in an abandoned building.
More photos in this series.

9. Broken sculptures in an abandoned studio.
More photos in this series.

10. Here the river goes underground Lybyd.


12. The first spring days in Kiev in 2012.

13. The interiors of the South Bridge. Kiev.

14. Little cabin in the the mountains, we are alone in the border area under the stars.

15. Huge excavators abandoned.

16. In the flooded excavator.

17. A lone fishing boat which is rotting on the beach in the village Panske.

18. Sleep on a technical bridge at the top of the South Bridge.

19. Cables leaving the South Bridge in the fog on the highway.



22. Trainhopping, station Mironovka.

23. Other photos in this series:

24. Like Mike Brodie
Other photos in this series:

25. A crowd of expenses after fireworks to the "Maidan".

26. Cables Moscow bridge, we climbed on the bottom right.

27. Interchange at Victory Square.

28. The dome of the National Circus of Ukraine.
The remaining photos.

29. Diesel generators in an underground shelter in case of war.

30. Scattered gas masks in an abandoned shelter of civil defense.
The rest of the photo material.

31.In the subway tunnels, between trains.

32.At night fire in an abandoned house.
The other photos of this exploration.

Next photos will be without links because I tired:)

33. Sunset on the roof of the Museum of Ukrainian History, Spring 2011, Kiev

34. Silhouette of a stream in the collector Glubochitsa, Summer 2011, Kiev

35. Unloading of rock in the mine ruddvore "Motherland", Spring 2011, Krivoy Rog

36. Spring sunset. Spring 2011. Kiev

37. Koleektor Nevodnichi Creek, summer 2011. Kiev

38. The fan on the subway, around the station area by Leo Tolstoy, Fall 2011, Kiev

39. Underground out of the sanatorium, Summer 2011, Odessa

40. For the moment before dawn, near the village of Desna Suvid. Fall 2011. Kyiv region

41. Fog is formed above the gum, Fall 2011. Kyiv Region

42. -1315m  mine "Homeland", Spring 2011. Krivoy Rog

43. Business centers in the city center, summer 2011. Kiev

44. The difference in height at the metro station "Exhibition Center", Winter 2011, Kiev

45. Twilight over Kiev, Spring 2011, Kiev

46. Abandoned Brandy Cellars, Fall 2011, Odessa

47. Black Mirror rocket mines, Fall 2011, Vinnitsa

48. Evening on the vanity of Khreshchatyk, Summer 2011, Kiev

49. Three silhouette, autumn 2011, the village Yakushintsy

50. Angels of Odessa, Summer 2011, Odessa

51. The ghost in an abandoned train station. Summer 2011, Kiev.

52. Western Gallery, Winter 2012, Cave Lake Ternopil region.

53. Dawn, Laura, Chestnuts. Spring 2011. Kiev


55. The chain of trolleys in the SCC, Spring 2011, Kiev

56. The tower to the stars on the roof of a business center, Summer 2011, Kiev

 57. The river under the Kreshchatik street, Summer 2011, Kiev

58. In the abandoned subway tunnels, Fall 2011, Kiev.

59. Gargoyles on the Opera House. Summer 2011. Kiev.

60. People-watch on a skeleton of the dome of the residential complex "Diamond Hill" Spring 2011. Kiev

61. At the bottom of drainage, Spring 2011. Kiev

62. The moon illuminates the glass dome of the Odessa Post Office, Summer 2011, Odessa

63. Fountains at Khreshchatyk street, Summer 2011, Kiev.

64. The stone arch drainage of Odessa. Fall 2011, Odessa

65. Roadside Picnic, Fall 2011 Creek Cadet grad, Kiev

66. Service branch of the subway, summer 2011, Kiev

67. In a huge tunnel, Summer 2011. Kiev

68. Deep Rising, Fall 2011. Kiev

69. Star in your pants, fall 2011, Kiev

70. In countermine cameras, Spring 2011. Kiev

So, if you have some questions or you want to visit our urbex spots I have special pages in Facebook and Vkontakte where I place an interesting information about urban exploration and organized tours for interested persons.


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