Лина (lin_inverse) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Abandoned summer camp, Russia

In Russia we have lots of abandoned camps. Many of them started to be abandoned when The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics broke up.
This camp has been abandoned for several years. It is named after one of russian famous pilot and situated not far from Moscow. There are about 12 buildings and they are all quite untouched by vandals.

(it is written "Let it always be sunny)

(It's easier to warn against fire than to extinguish it)

(My home is Russia)


(Sveta, we are with you) I think, Sveta took part in some kind of competition.

(Posters about civil defense)

(Posters in medical сabinet)

(You must take enough bread beacuse bread is like 'jewellery' and you must not dissipate it)

That's it. I hope you liked the post.

Tags: camp, russia, russian federation
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