somniferous almond eyes (manintheboat) wrote in abandonedplaces,
somniferous almond eyes

Mt. Princeton, St. Elmo, and South Park Colorado

Alternatively titled: 1 abandoned, 1 restored, 1 on its way to abandonment.

I visited the ghost town St. Elmo about 12 years ago and since I was in the area I wanted to check it out again.

Even though there are signs leading up St. Elmo stating, "St. Elmo, Ghost Town." I assure you that St. Elmo is no longer a ghost town. None of the standing buildings are abandoned, they are actively being restored. Two buildings are Bed and Breakfasts. You are encouraged to stay in your car and turn around. Every building has a large sign on it that says, "Private Property. Stay on the street. No Parking." Lots of people around. Beautiful, but not ghosty at all.

On the way up I did find this chimney:
Mt Princeton, CO
That's Mt. Princeton behind it. The cliffs on the left side are chalk.

We also drove through South Park and couldn't decide if their library was on its way to being abandoned or restored. (Their website says they are raising money for a new location. So sad to see such a beautiful building being boarded up.)
South Park Library

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