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Old water mill in Pechora village

Today I write about cool abandoned old mill.
Original post by general_kosmosa in Старинная водяная мельница в селе Печора

1. All inside mill premises were destroyed by fire in 1992. At the end of XIX century Potocki expanded park on the left bank of the Southern Bug, there is now the village Sokilets. In 1894-1899 there by German craftsmen built a large mill. It resembles a real castle. The complex consists of three buildings. In 1921, the mill was rebuilt under the hydroelectric power plant, and in 1992, a fire destroyed all the wooden structure of the building.

2. Since the mill complex structures looks from the road. Water-roller mill, architect Jan Goyri, 1894-1898 gg.Po data KK Matsyanskogo, mill belonged to the water-type roller mill buildings, had a water turbine at 100 horsepower, a day could grind 2,800 tons of grain (44.8 tons). Annual production reached 600,000 tons of grain (9600 m), the equity capital was estimated at 200 000. Gerard served turbine mill, which had a diameter of 2.26 m near the mill are several outbuildings. Still preserved iron transporter that grain was passed from the three-story structure for processing. Conveyor moved by horses. The mill specialized in the production of several types of flour, the quality of which was high. In the early twentieth century. 42 worked at the mill workers and 18 employees.

3.Kruporusharka, 1898 in a separate chamber installed vertical Francis turbine (diameter 1.55 m). Sheller does not work, but is still in working order.

4.Francis turbine element.

5. Enclosed kruporusharki, that it fits the channel through which the water was supplied.

6. Francis turbine.


8. Now the building is not in the best condition. Below, under the arched stone wall visible channel flood gates.

9. Approach to the building of the mill. White extension - the same power plant.

10. In 1924, in connection with the actions taken in the USSR to plan GOERLO roller mill built a small hydroelectric power plant capacity of 240 kW. The station was installed dynamo current which covered Pechora and Sokilets. In 1951, HPS have been reconstructed in order to increase capacity. In the late 50's. The station stopped.

11. A view of the power plant and mill complex, much like a medieval castle.

12. Dam across the river equipped with a system of hoists.

13. Beautiful building of the mill, so I like that it just can not. The Germans built immediately obvious.

14. All the interior of the mill destroyed by fire during the fire of 1992.

15. Lena immediately started up the wall on the balance of the fire escape)

16. Iron transporter in which the grain was transferred in a three-story warehouse.

17. Grain storage is more like a military barracks.

18. Very beautiful building: stone walls and windows decorated with bricks.




22. Come to explore the remains of the mill.

23. The center has a descent into technical areas.

24. Through the hole machine room overlooking the underwater channel is a body of water with a roar fly into the maelstrom.

25. Flow is below through waterlogged portals.

26. The thickness of the walls of the building is amazing.




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