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Abandoned old house

Recently, I accidentally wandered into one old abandoned house. Built before the revolution, it was abandoned in the nineties. Now it is wide open, no one is inside, time seems to stop. Old piano, books, notebooks - the ghosts of the past, who remember their past owners ...

On the outskirts of a village is the pre-revolutionary house. Residents, apparently, there was not very long ago - no sign of even the 2000th no, not that recent. No fence, the whole area heavily overgrown. Deserted and lonely. Open the door on the terrace with a lot of boxes of Christmas decorations. Inside the dark and gloomy. Oppressive silence. Soon the eyes adjust to the darkness, and we see the open door. Open it and get to the former kitchen. Ceiling slightly tilted in the room a lot of antique furniture. Here the eye sees it - a piano! prerevolutionary luxurious piano by the German company "CM SHRODER". Intuitively hands reach to try it on the sound. Many keys do not respond, but some offer beautiful sounds. They break apart and echoed throughout the house. Echo dies down, and then silence. Alas, this is not enough. Pass into the other room, the former dwelling. On the table - many stopped clock. All show different times. Antique stove in the corner. Moving on ... In one room there is an old exercise books and textbooks 30s. You start to read, and time seems to stop (although it stopped here so (!)). It's crazy, it was almost 80, and even 90 years ago. In the old barn find items of village life. Just a very bad condition, the house gradually dies. To go out in the tumult. On the territory of many trees and shrubs. It's like they surrounded the house and cover. But we have to go ...

1. Trapped.

2. It remembers the ancient touch of fingers ...


4. "The most important task for us is now: to study and learn."

5. But the clock frozen ...

6. Amazing note ... "Get up, branded damn world hunger and the slaves!"

7. Let's drink a cup of tea?

8. In the window reveal different bubbles.

9. Once again the piano

10. But sometimes in the house through cracks in the walls gets sunlight, and space illuminated with sunlight, but not for long ...

11. Raise the lid of the piano and find the icon of the company with an eagle, a crown and the words "Court Supplier Majesty." 

12. We went out on the street ... the mailbox

13. Crumbling village



But it's time to go.

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