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Cannery Ironworks

Cannery Ironworks is a small abandoned section at the end of the older of two sizable buildings originally in the business of manufacturing cans. In the early 1900s the cannery came to a fairly small village on the canal after buying out a smaller local cannery, and eventually came to be one of the village's largest employers, a company where men worked alongside their sons and fathers producing containers for beer, fruit juices and other foods. During the first World War the facility manufactured over one million ration cans for soldiers in Europe, and during the WWII they produced at least four times as many containers for ammo, signal flares, First Aid kits, explosives, and blood plasma.

In the 50s the company expanded, becoming the primary industry in the village and produced millions of cans each day. But by the 70s the corporate attitude began to take over, mechanization led to a decline in the number of workers, and finally a botched business deal at the end of the decade eventually spelled the end of the plant. A slow downward slide eventually led to the cannery's doom in the late 80s, and led to the division of their properties to various smaller businesses. However, the ironworks itself remained derelict and forgotten, a dusty monument to the fallen giant of a company.

On a more personal note, this was my first real industrial exploration. The amount of detail in a place like this is intense, and it was a surprise to see the building untouched by the hands of vandals or scrappers. Only the birds living at the heights of the structure seemed to witness the natural decay of this place.

Monuments to Oblivion | Cannery Ironworks

Withered Reflections | Cannery Ironworks

Feeling Lost Forever | Cannery Ironworks

Iron Veins Arrayed | Cannery Ironworks

Bottom of the World | Cannery Ironworks

From the Top, to the Bottom | Cannery Ironworks

Of Wood, Iron and Light | Cannery Ironworks

Derelict Lines | Cannery Ironworks

The Dust of Ages | Cannery Ironworks

Rolling Numbers | Cannery Ironworks

The Sunset Passage | Cannery Ironworks

Sprawling, Endless | Cannery Ironworks

Day or Night | Cannery Ironworks

Fragments of the Past | Cannery Ironworks

Lest You Forget | Cannery Ironworks

Insignificance | Cannery Ironworks

An Iron Bite | Cannery Ironworks

The Scars of Time | Cannery Ironworks

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