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Abandoned research institute

In today's report will focus on the same research institute in the Soviet era, is the leading in the industry. A lot of high-tech development, design a machine of professional scientists. Alas, it's all in the past, and since the beginning of the 2000s, the institute's activities began to decline. This is particularly noticeable was the year 2010. First, most of the rooms were rented, then did the territory became actively communicate and be built. The report will describe the main building of the institute are some plus lab and a bomb shelter.

So, in the report, in order: photos of the main building, laboratory building of the old pictures of the experimental laboratory and
bomb shelter. Some time ago we saw around the main building SRI began gradually to put a fence - the first sign that soon there will be ruins and excavation. Soon, by happy coincidence, we got inside, though it was night, and the camera down was not, so the photos were not normal. Soon we came back and made ​​a photo shoot. This huge building was so much rent to find something concerning the activities of SRI was not easy. Particularly impressed with the huge indoor auditorium, library and some of the laboratory. But more on the photographs.

1. We go into the building through the former dining room. She worked until December, but now she has a terrible state, so I go to the back stairs, go up to the 4th floor. There is a room where you saved the little drawings, file cabinet GOST-s and a small library.

2. We go down the floor. Basically there are empty rooms with office waste. But here in the box, notice the helmet with a proud inscription "USSR" and a telephone.

3. We noticed a small door in the center of the floor. We go, it is little room projectionist. We looked out the window and saw the auditorium. (!) Frankly, I thought he was too empty or littered. However, he was in perfect condition. Without a tripod in the dark room is difficult to remove, so the only way. Immediately wanted to get down on the floor below, and get into the hall.

4. Another photo from the card file GOST s.

5. Go to the main staircase. It is decorated with beautiful balusters, but alas, all the metal and pulled out all the windows, everywhere all filled up, special beauty is not felt.

6. We approach the hall, and see that he nailed nails. Tugged, pulled nails, no way. Then another idea came to the door someone has brought to us. Pulled the door itself - it opened. Ingeniously) fall into the assembly hall.

7. On the box, dumped the old models of excavators and special machines previously had several large, but then they broke up and thrown here.
Claw as it symbolizes what's going on now with the Research Institute ...

8. Approaching closer to the stage, spotlights and kept lighting equipment. Behind the screen scene is nothing - as earlier building was demolished to this level ...

9. Immediately apologize for such a large number of photos of the hall, it was too he liked me) Then we decided just to paint with light

10. But not a single room are one - go on. Everywhere broken and whole printers, scanners, phones, organizers, pens and other office crap. Sometimes come across books directories.

11. It would then be to describe how we were nearly caught in the hall of some hooligans, but they decided that the door is closed and off of the tool, and we are escaped. So quickly go to the stairs and go down to the basement. Here formerly housed a number of laboratories. Immediately attracted the attention of such a device in a box "Pandora".

12. Ventilation in labs

13. The device with the frame before last close.

14. Nearby is a storage room, which is littered with different stuff, but rather instruments, voltmeters and other such things.

15. Sorry for the crooked frame, but the devices have attracted attention.

16. And that's one of the voltmeters.

17. In the other rooms.

18. Now go partly old pictures, partly new. At once I am not offended those who saw them or remembers, but for the sake of completeness of the object to be just. Images from a nearby building design office before demolition.

19. Various literature there.

20. It was possible to detect and such.

21. In one room there were some posters, new but already useless.

22. Now I want to once again show pictures with the experimental laboratory, which was located in the basement of the main building. Then she was completely drunk in the way of that took everything and overwhelmed with trash. And it was so.

23. General view of the laboratory.

24. Across different instruments and meters ...


26... Parts of chainsaws.

27. On one of the shelves there were such nice balance here.



30. Now show you pictures of bomb shelters. At one time we went there twice, but the second did not go very far failed because there settled Tajiks and builders, and we did not miss too much. Therefore, the pictures with the two-time fee. That's hermetic door.

31. Warehouse Civil defense - a self-contained breathing apparatus, parts for filters, the flag of the USSR and of themselves filters.

32. Showcase with samples of military devices of chemical reconnaissance and dosimeters.

33. Warehouse of hard hats, bags for gas-masks and dosimeters.

34. Certificates, issued by the Institute.

35. Showcase with samples of gas masks.

36. The second time, when they came in, the rooms were busy working, so very far go to have failed.

37. Photographs of posters, which the last time paid attention.

38. On one of the shelves - counter.

39. Some more posters.

40. Different drawings, schemes and projects, which later moved to the Assembly hall in the archive.


42. But, alas, all was lost in oblivion. I think that in a short time and all of the main building, and the auditorium, and laboratories and asylum will not be, and will be the mountain of debris. Now all demolished, almost built a residential house.

To new reports!

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