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Central base assembly and storage of nuclear weapons (Crimea, Ukrain)

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If you drive on the highway, "P35" from Simferopol to Sudak, about 10 km before reaching to the end, moving away from the road inconspicuous, very scruffy time, asphalt track. It leads to the once secret military town - Krasnokamenka located in Kiziltashsky valley, away from other items. Here in the Soviet time, in the strictest secrecy in underground workshops, built deep in the mountains, going nuclear warheads, and then transported to the starting position across the central part of the Soviet Union and some countries of the Warsaw Pact. Almost half a century is a place overgrown with numerous myths and legends, but after the formation of a separate state of Ukraine, and then taking over its territory "nuclear-free status," the city was declassified, and all of the warheads removed to Russia. Currently, a city located in the elite regiment of special purpose "Tiger" Interior Ministry of Ukraine. The main part of the tunnels has been converted into a storage of ammunition and under heavy guard.

As you know, the United States, having in 1941 a nuclear program, implemented the results of work done on it in August 1945, the destruction of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The world came saw the threat of a terrible nuclear power. Naturally, the Soviet leadership has set the scientists state the problem - as soon as possible to create their own nuclear weapons and to protect the country from the use of such weapons by a potential enemy. To solve this problem, the government has provided scientists with everything necessary to create not only a scientific and research centers, but also industrial enterprises equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology. After just 4 years old, in August 1949 was tested the first Soviet atomic bomb, and in late 1950, the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted a decision on the establishment of the so-called central depots of nuclear weapons (TSBH), who had to carry out the assembly and storage of manufactured ammunition. One such TSBH was decided to build a Kiziltashsky Valley, where mountain ranges, it is well concealed from prying eyes.

Object 51
Extent of astounding. By 1955, almost to the foot of the mountain in her column broke through the tunnel, the width and height of not conceding a tunnel underground. Its length - more than two miles away.

Under the top of the mountain was built assembly hall and several stores the items themselves and their units. The height of the room was about twenty meters, and length - a few tens of meters. Room equipped with overhead electric crane, hoists and lifting several special gathering place for securing items collected with the possibility of rotation in the vertical plane. The entire underground complex of buildings had energy from the outside and off-grid power from the emergency diesel generators inside.

All rooms are connected to the object-developed transportation network, allows you to move loads on special trolleys on railway. Portals to the object overlap sealed gates weighing dozens of tons of which are rolled back into the niche with an electric drive.

Do you like this door? :)

Of - and its specificity, the object has been nicknamed by the people "Feodoskim underground." Construction, managed the Leningrad subway construction division, and the work carried out by the sinking of specially selected prisoners who have experience in mining operations. Many of them, after serving a term proposed to remain as civilian workers for the service object.
Collected nuclear products transported from here to the starting position of the central part of the Soviet Union and some countries of the Warsaw Pact. Later in Krasnokamenka become obsolete warheads to deliver the first generation to disposal and recycling.
Objects of this kind are actively erected up to the height of the Cold War in the late '80s, however, came the restructuring, in which Ukraine became an independent state, and took a non-nuclear status and the entire nuclear arsenal was distributed TSBH in Russia. The empty gallery troops were transferred to Ukraine and converted to other needs, or completely abandoned. Krasnokamenka base refers to the first.

Now the former base is based regiment of special purpose "Tiger" Interior Ministry of Ukraine. Elite unit is designed for the protection of public order.

The main tunnel under the mountain (object number 51), is currently used to store ammunition. However, in addition to it, there were 3 more storage for finished products (№ 712, b and c), is a small horseshoe-shaped tunnel in the plan with two rooms. The first was designed specifically for storing warheads, while the second was located conditioning system first. After all nuclear weapons were removed from Ukraine, the first two stores were abandoned, and the third altered in the "burial ground" for fonyaschego equipment and tools used when working with nuclear warheads.

Object 712 A. One of the enter.

The first store survived the worst of all. Almost all the metal removed by looters, and the walls and vaults are covered with soot.

All that remains of the ventilation system.

Room air conditioning system. Left 10 - meter collector, leading to the storage room products.

Here was located reversal area.

Object 712 B.

This store survived a little better, since it was abandoned, probably not right away. In the photo brick wall near one of the portals. Rather, it was already erected after the store is no longer using. It is quite possible that the tunnel was used as household warehouse, but he did not last long.

On some walls and germovrotah preserved paint.

The work of looters.

Second entry.


Kiziltashsky Gorge - a paradise. Served and lived here during the Soviet time, people respond very positively about this place and the service, even though a high level of responsibility. I advise you to read the memories of residents of the city, very interesting!
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