Flood Spectre (floodspectre) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Flood Spectre

Castle on the Hill

I've been wanting to explore this one for a few years. I don't think I can as eloquently describe the history of this location to you as the prolific dark_fetus already has, so I direct you to his post about Castle on the Hill from earlier in the year. Oh, and he also dug up some interesting historical photos too. Click the link. It's worth it, I promise.

I've also decided to start titling all of my photos. I feel that while an image supposedly speaks 1000 words, a title helps apply an emotional context that might otherwise be absent.

So without further ado, here are the results of my exploration.

Long Ages Forgotten | Castle on the Hill
"Long Ages Forgotten"

Strength in Solitude | Castle on the Hill
"Strength in Solitude"

Only Shadows and Memories | Castle on the Hill
"Only Shadows and Memories"

Shrouded by Shadow and by Leaf | Castle on the Hill
"Shrouded by Shadow and by Leaf"

Blackened and Scarred | Castle on the Hill
"Blackened and Scarred"

Barren and Burned I Still Endure | Castle on the Hill
"Barren and Burned I Still Endure"

Apparently someone had tried torching this beautiful old building. There was a note scrawled on a wall in the attic, "Why burn it?" A question the three of us wondered ourselves as we wandered through the scorched rooms.

Regality Withering | Castle on the Hill
"Regality Withering"

You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone | Castle on the Hill
"You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone"

I'm absolutely in love with these stairs. I spent at least 1/4 of our time here on and around these stairs, photographing them, burning their beauty into my memory.

We Build Great Works Just to Break Them Down | Castle on the Hill
"We Build Great Works Just to Break Them Down"

Desolation Overlooking Grandeur | Castle on the Hill
"Desolation Overlooking Grandeur"

Passing into Venerable Degeneration | Castle on the Hill
"Passing into Venerable Degeneration"

Of Wilderness and Ruin | Castle on the Hill
"Of Wilderness and Ruin"

And this was our view as we descended the hill, looking back on this monument lost to time and to nature.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the Castle on the Hill. This was by far one of my favorite explorations so far, despite the sense of melancholy these near-ruins inspire. Fortunately, they also inspired me to take some of my favorite photos to date, and to attempt some new post-processing techniques as well.

Tags: new york state, sanitorium, usa

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