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Abandoned Places – Fort Worth, TX (Dec 12) – part 4

Sorry folks, I would have posted these photos almost two weeks ago, but I got called away on a very short notice business trip. That also why several moderated posts didn’t get approved till this morning.

Location #3 – The Swift Meat Packing Complex
 photo DSC06230FCa.jpg
It was hard to find a wall or surface that didn’t have a fresh coat of paint. If anything, as discouraged as it should be, the paint sealed walls were actually better preserved and wear was limited in those areas. That said tagging is a felony in some areas.

 photo DSC06246FCa.jpg
Looking out from Cold Storage #2, we decided to move inward and check several of the other buildings in the complex.

 photo DSC06245FCa.jpg
This was part of a grinder used to make bone meal

 photo DSC06244FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06250FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06251FCa.jpg
Chutes to drop freshly ground bone meal into different (now gone) bins

Building 1046 photo DSC06254FCa.jpg
Building 1046

 photo DSC06255FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06247FCa.jpg
Other buildings in the complex we didn’t get to. This was where they made Dial Soap. You do know that what soap is made from right?..

 photo DSC06249FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06252FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06253FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06257FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06258FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06259FCa.jpg

 photo DSC06260FCa.jpg

Tracks to nowhere photo DSC06261FCa.jpg
Tracks to oblivion

Follow the Red Brick Road photo DSC06256FCa.jpg
Follow the Red Brick Road – In my minds eye I could see dozens of workers pushing carts and racks with slabs of meat and dollies filled with other products being moved from building to building or being loaded onto refrigerated railcars.

Many thanks to my partner “Ro” for accompanying me on this exploration. I will be back.
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