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Various locations, June 2013

Another month, another batch of misc shots from exploring smaller places or previously explored locations. It's not always exciting, but it can be a lot of fun to come back to a place with a different perspective or a different mood.

A Room Between the Rooms | Genesee Hospital
"A Room Between the Rooms"

We decided to revisit Genesee Hospital to show a local explorer around for the first time. The only sections we came across that we hadn't seen before were these odd rooftop access halls...

In the Darkness We Share | Genesee Hospital
"In the Darkness We Share"

A return to the Seneca Army Depot found me with two new exterior shots, one I'm quite happy with and another I'm just a little "meh" about.

Such Radiant Pollution | Seneca Army Depot
"Such Radiant Pollution"

None of This Was Ever Built to Last | Seneca Army Depot
"None of This Was Ever Built to Last"

The American Laundry Machinery Co. was probably my most successful revisit in terms of new material. I'm in love with this factory...

To Stave Off the Light of Day | American Laundry Machinery
"To Stave Off the Light of Day"

Burdened by the Weight of Nothing | American Laundry Machinery
"Burdened by the Weight of Nothing"

Isolation's Embrace | American Laundry Machinery
"Isolation's Embrace"

These Dark Halls, Forever Silent | American Laundry Machinery
"These Dark Halls, Forever Silent"

That's it for misc June photos, but I have more to come soon. One enormous abandoned psychiatric center and one beautiful tuberculosis sanitorium are both in my queue to eventually post here. See you then...

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