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Splendid China Florida Demolition 7-26-2013

I visited the abandoned Splendid China theme park in 2008. However, due to a $500 fine, I only took photos of what you could see from the gates. You can seen them hereL=

In April 2013 news came out that the park and hotel were to be demolished in order to make way for Condos. On July 26th a friend and I walked around the gates one more time to see how much was left. This time with a telephoto lens so I was able to see more. Much had been demolished, and one of the restrooms that ranup against the wall was gone so I able to see even more.

The main enterence has not changed much, but I don't expect it to last much longer

The Gate decorations are still there

though, some are now missing.

One of the first things I notices is that one of the buildings are gone. I believe bathrooms were located here. You can also see that the landscape is now dotted with demolition of once ornate miniatures.

The back of the Forbidden city can still be seen. It's unknown if it's still standing though.

I never noticed this before. It looks new but I am unsure how new it is...

This one is hard to see but, on the left still stands some of the miniatures. One the right, demolition

Some more miniatures still stand.

The Great Wall still stands!

However, the Potala Place does not...

Old gate entrance sign for the back of of the Pagoda Garden restaurants.

The front of the Pagoda Garden restaurant as seen from the road. The back of the restaurant can been seen as well.

Comparison shot of the back of the restaurant

The bathrooms are still mostly intact as well. Though all the buildings seem to be even more gutted than they were before demolition,

Most of the stone forest is now gone though

However, some still survive

These are all the photos I have to share. I hope you enjoyed it.

This will be my last trip to Splendid China

Here is a photo of the hotel on property I took a few days before my last visit to Splendid China. Demolition has rougly begun on the hotel.

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