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i went to an abandoned victorian insane asylum.

and took pictures.

specifically, the central state hospital, a.k.a. the central indiana hospital for the insane.

the grounds are huge, but the only building currently in use is the old pathology building, now the home of the [indiana medical history museum].

(i just did a quick resize on some of them and slapped on borders; these are not fancy.)

here's the museum building:

see, pathology. there's actually another sign saying "the old pathology building" (honest!) but it was dark and the print was small.

"'relax,' said the night man, 'we are programmed to receive...'"

i like signs. yes. but enough with the signs.

okay, *one* more sign.

it says "ELECTRIC SH-" next to the door.

"'you can check out any time you like; but you can never leave...'"

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