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September & October: Short Excursions

Things have slowed down as the weather cools off, the days grow shorter, and new locations are further and further away from home. I've been considering doing a few nocturnal return visits to previous locations to capture a different look to places I already know well... we'll see how that goes ;)

Anyways, here's what I have managed to do this fall.

They Stood and Watched As the Sky Turned to Fire-Light | Sam's Petro USA
"They Stood and Watched As the Sky Turned to Fire-Light"

An abandoned gas station in a largely lifeless part of the city.

Bereft of Any Further Purpose | Sam's Petro USA
"Bereft of Any Further Purpose"

Grain silos! I've never actually seen these things before this year... such enormities of concrete and steel. Besides my usual ulta-wide angle work I decided to give macro photography a try here as well. These aren't my favorite batch here, but I still like most of them.

To Fall from Such Great Heights | Concrete Central Grain Elevator
"To Fall from Such Great Heights"

Barren, Deserted Halls | Concrete Central Grain Elevator
"Barren, Deserted Halls"

The Fallacy of Permanence | Concrete Central Grain Elevator
"The Fallacy of Permanence"

Of Shadows and Iron Sinew | Concrete Central Grain Elevator
"Of Shadows and Iron Sinew"

This Barren Stone | Cargill Grain Elevator
"This Barren Stone"

Sunlight, Dust, and a Thousand Fading Columns | Cargill Grain Elevator
"Sunlight, Dust, and a Thousand Fading Columns"

Even the Least of Us | Cargill Grain Elevator
"Even the Least of Us"

We found the shell of an old power plant. Nothing but catwalks remained of the otherwise gutted interior.

Platformer | Shellof Power Plant

This Vast Contamination | Shellof Power Plant
"This Vast Contamination"

Into the Painted Grey | Shellof Power Plant
"Into the Painted Grey"

The Final, Fading Light | Shellof Power Plant
"The Final, Fading Light"

Visiting some out-of-state friends left me with some free time one day, and Jess and I found an old reformatory for boys. It was strangely devoid of vandalism, apparently only suffering the wounds of time.

Beneath the Crushing Weight of Oblivion | Reformatory in Ruin
"Beneath the Crushing Weight of Oblivion"

Through These Doors Lie Ruin | Reformatory in Ruin
"Through These Doors Lie Ruin"

They Seem Forever Fallen | Reformatory in Ruin
"They Seem Forever Fallen"

Of Autumn, Quiet Loneliness and Silent Ghosts | Reformatory in Ruin
"Of Autumn, Quiet Loneliness and Silent Ghosts"

Once We've Outlived Our Usefulness | Reformatory in Ruin
"Once We've Outlived Our Usefulness"

A Place to Watch the Seasons Pass Us By | Reformatory in Ruin
"A Place to Watch the Seasons Pass Us By"

A revisit to an old incinerator plant found me climbing to an old suspended control box despite my sometimes overwhelming fear of heights. I'm working on curing myself of that fear...

A Panorama of Dust and Steel | High Falls Incinerator Plant
"A Panorama of Dust and Steel"

And finally, we went fishing with the in-laws in Florida. We were in the Gulf of Mexico near Boca Grande and spotted these old pilings from partially dismantled piers or docks. The waves were worse than they seem in the photos and made it more than a bit difficult to keep the horizon level as I took these photos, but I managed three I was very happy with.

A Palisade Against the Waves | Boca Grande
"A Palisade Against the Waves"

The Last Remnants | Boca Grande
"The Last Remnants"

Now Only the Waves | Boca Grande
"Now Only the Waves"

After which I caught a small hammerhead-type shark. I'm told they're a pain to prepare, so it got a free pass... this time.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my photos! I hope to have another batch for you guys within the next month or two, weather permitting.

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