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Abandoned university!

My first visit to this univ. I'll post next visits later =)

All the photos here :

PART 1 - - - - - PART 2

View of a part of the building from the roof.

An amphitheater!

My favorite room =)

There was thousands of punched cards on the ground in numerous rooms!

Every punched card represents a line of code. So to say that the programming in the time (well it was not solong ago, the use of the punched card was gradually given up from 1970), it wasn't a piece of cake!

If I understood well the explanations of my dad who worked on this support we he was at school hehe, it was a matter of typing a code line on computer, and then the card was drilled according to the characters of this line.

Then it was verified / tested in the machine.

And for every error (even for syntax errors) it was necessary to retype the line and to re-drill a new card!

The addition of all these punched cards one after the other gave a program which was executed by the computer!

(Just me)

A to end this post a photo in a kind of huge tube which was used apparently to test the resistance of certain materials.

Thanks for watching!

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