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unfinished railway tunnels under Dnieper in Kiev 1936—1941

information about tunnels in Russian: 1, 2, 3

most known part of tunnel — caisson in Obolon neighborhood


rightbank part of Northern tunnel

fragments of Southern tunnel are less accessible, as this one in Osokorki village

it situated between private yards

length ~75 m

tunnel's ends are enclosed with fences, so I laid on the top and stretched out my arm to shot next photo

most scenic part — rightbank fragment of Southern tunnel at Zhukov island

^ some constructions at the beginning

the reinforcement is still not rust after 70 years

length of this part is more than half of kilometer

tunnel bends

there's a path at top of tubing ☺

tunnel ends almost all in water
Tags: europe, kiev, railways, ukraine, киев, украина
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