Calzephyr (calzephyr77) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Lynnview Ridge, Calgary, Alberta

The previous post reminded me of a blanked out spot on the map where I live. There's a fantastic article about Lynnview Ridge on this website called BigDoer along with the history of the area with lots of current pictures.

Calgary is a neat city, always reinventing itself. It loves and thrives on change, and has seen booms and busts. Stuff comes down, stuff goes up, it's often hard to remember what a place looked like, even if you go by it every day. I want to say I can remember seeing homes there in the distance when cruising down Deerfoot Trail, but I don't trust that memory.

Like most cases, it took a long time for the story to end for the residents there. I'm thankful for the BigDoer article, that someone has taken the time to remember.
Tags: alberta
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