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Battery prison Tallinn. Hospital and administrative building

Original taken from egorov in Battery prison Tallinn. Hospital and administrative building
Friends, I continued and finished his first photo project about Tallinn Central Prison. Today, your attention is the most impressive part of the prison premises, open for tours. It shall communicate to the horror in the minds of hospital and bright administrative offices. Texture there just unreal - the composition is built by itself, the game lines, light and shade leaves bewitched even inexperienced photographer.

01 One of the office space. Bright blue walls and blinding light from the window.

02 I went into the hospital building. Texture begins to capture.

03 Unreal plastic vaulted ceilings.

04. One of my favorite scenes in zabroshkah - Portrait of a chair in a post-apocalyptic space.

05.-What is a miracle device resting in the sink.

06. Very nice interior in hospital housing. It is possible that the staffroom.

07. My favorite scaly texture on the ceiling.

08. Foster peace in prison.

09. Bright and spacious house. In prisons, inmates often engaged in self-harm, to lie "to the hospital", in more comfortable conditions.

10 Indoor move into the unknown.

11 Continue towards the corridor in the hospital case.

12 Perhaps the caretaker room - desk and typewriter.

13 Storage of documents.

14 Not so cool hospital room, a smaller one with bunks and has three floors.

15 Not otherwise reception chief physician.

16 "Well, we hurt?"

17 Prison Sister.

18 loos, bathroom with shower - just scary.

19 I continue to wander around the wards.

20 Powerful peephole in one of the chambers.

20 Another reception doctor probably Laura (judging by the characteristic rotating highchair).

21 beds are drawn to the sun.

22 wards lying on gurneys.

23 Crown hospital building - the prison operating.

24 uncomplicated belongings equipment.

25 The unit ventilator PO 6.

26 transactions were documented, all seriously, it's a prison.

27 Shadowless lamp, which was not destined to shine on openable flesh.

28 Operating lounger modern design - for fixing the patient in the desired position.

29. Medimorph anesthesia apparatus.

30 For the operating room - laundry room with furnaces, weights.

31 And also - the auxiliary operating concurrently. Prison is big, could be made and two operations at the same time - for example if there were bloody clashes with disabilities between the prisoners.

32 Another extinct spotlight that shone in the name of health.

33 bukovki on press fun run.

34 What a terrible and narrow dungeon.

35 Hospital medkorpusa eatery.

36 Most trump place uteplyashechkoy. Here sat the chief godfather.

37 continue.

38 Robust narrow door cooler.

39 Here, I learned how to spell scabies English and Estonian.

40 ruin and decay.

41 Portrait of a chair on a background seroburoposhkaryabanoy wall.

42 I went down to the office tower.

43 Red door in the auditorium.

44 I feel, that that there was Lenin's room and in one corner stood a bust of Lenin. Meeting of the party committee of the prison were here)

45 scene and the presiding table.

46 Dancing chairs on a red wall.

47 Another gorgeous room.

48 To fill the void in the frame I brought this chair.

49 And we, dear readers, meets the prison library.

50 Very actual Bulletins - Siberian fires.

51 Comfortable place duty librarian.

52 service space for the library.

53 In the yard of the prison found the entrance to the economic basement.

54 Beautiful Mess Clerk.

55 I went out to breathe fresh air. In the premises of prison - damp and musty smells.

56 strolling through the chambers in the open air. In one of the chambers notice team picture with the portraits. Probably, this collage with loved ones brought the prisoner while visiting.

57 Young shoots hides fears accumulated walls.

58 Panorama of the courtyard.

59 I came out of prison. Heart pounding, hands shaking slightly.

60 Farewell, Battery jail time for me to chance!

Dear reader, if you get here, it means you are interested in Battery prison. Therefore, I give you the links to the previous posts of this photo project:

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