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Ada K. Damon

(без названия)
The wooden schooner Ada K. Damon was built in 1875 by Ebenezer Burnham in Essex, Massachusetts.
Below (photo 2, 2004) is her birthplace (Burnham Boat Building is still doing traditional wooden boat building, design and repair for passenger vessels).
Ada was used as a fishing boat (Providence) and later as a sand schooner. She delivered sand from local beaches to Boston to be used in concrete for the construction industry.
In 1909 Capt. A. K Brewster had sold his farm in York, Maine and invested everything in Ada K. Damon.
She was wrecked on her first trip for a load of sand from Plum Island. On the 26th of December she stranded 3.5 miles south southwest of the Plum Island Coast Guard station. The gale swept down from the northeast thick with snow, the anchors dragged and parted, and the ship wrecked at Steep Hill Beach at high tide.
The five crew members survived.
Within a few years the remains were burred in the sand. But after almost a hundred years they reappeared after sand shifts.
Wikipedia provides 2004 as a date of Ada's reappearance but I saw and photographed her in 2003 there (photos 3,4), one of them I published in 2003 (Photosight.ru)
It looked even more spectacular in 2004 but right now the first photo is the only one of my 2004 photos of her that I can provide.
She still was seen in the spring of 2005 (photos 5 - 10) but by the end of the summer sands buried the part of remains again.

(без названия)


(без названия)






15347866816_7d2cc2e8f9_o (1)
And that's how she looked in 2006:

Sh667363K400_ frame_16

Деревянная шхуна Ада К. Дэмон, построенная в 1875г. в Эссексе, в сильнейший зимний шторм 1909 года сорвалась с якоря, была выброшена на берег в Ипсвиче и вскоре погребена песками. Почти век спустя (в Википедии написано - в 2004г., но у меня есть несколько фотографий 2003, Ада уже видна, одна из них опубликована на фотосайте летом 2003г.) подвижные пески обнажили останки шхуны.
Ещё более впечатляющее зрелище Ада представляли собой в 2004 (снимок 1).
На втором снимке - место рождения Ады К. Дэмон в Эссексе. Она была приписана к порту Провинстаун и сначала была рыбацким судном, а потом её использовали для перевозки песка.
На последнем снимке - Ада весной 2006г;
на следующий год пески занесли её полностью.
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